Vital Clean LLC Carpet, Tile & Grout, and Upholstery Cleaning WARRANTY. This WARRANTY is valid for a period of three (3) months from the date of the initial cleaning service.*Terms and Conditions:*
  • Vital Clean LLC is dedicated to delivering the highest quality cleaning processes and procedures. We fundamentally and correctly clean carpets, tile & grout, and upholstery, utilizing high-powered equipment, tools, and high-tech, nano technology, industry-leading detergents, and leveraging the benefits of a water softener system, full neutralization, and fiber conditioning cycle, drawing on over 20 years of experience.
  • In the event that these areas are re-soiled due to any residue or material left behind by our cleaning process, Vital Clean LLC commits to re-clean the affected areas at no additional cost to the customer.
  • To invoke this WARRANTY, the customer must notify Vital Clean LLC within seven (7) days of discovering the re-soiling issue. Notification can be made via call or text to 801-793-0906 or email at Send email
  • This WARRANTY is applicable only to the specific areas cleaned during the initial service.
  • This WARRANTY does not cover re-soiling caused by factors beyond our control, such as spills, accidents, or other external influences.
  • Vital Clean LLC is not responsible for pre-existing stains or damages that were not addressed during the fundamentally and correctly initial cleaning.
  • Wear and tear on carpets, tile & grout, and upholstery over time is a natural occurrence. Vital Clean LLC cannot reverse damages resulting from normal wear and tear.
  • Carpet age, previous cleanings, and the amount of residue left behind by other professionals are contributing factors. Please be aware, realistically, of that aspect, as we will do our best to eradicate any previous residuals left by any other company.
  • Pet urine problems are excluded from this WARRANTY due to the biological effects and chemical changes that urine undergoes therefore We cannot guarantee the outcome of any treatment for pet urine-related issues.
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